How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets

How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets

Merging cells means combining two or more cells into a single cell. This is used for various purposes, for example, to create a header that is the same for multiple columns. This guide shows you how to quickly merge cells in Google Sheets.

Merge cells in Google Sheets

  1. Select the cells that you wish to merge. For example, I want to merge the cells A1:B1 to categorize my data.

    Select Cells
    Select the cells to combine.

  2. Select Format in the top menu, then click on the Merge cells option. From the submenu, choose the Merge all option.
    Format Menu
    Select Merge cells then Merge all.

    Alternatively, click on the Select merge type icon from the toolbar and choose the Merge all option.

    Select the Merge All from the Select merge type dropdown.

  3. You’ll notice the merged cells as in the image below.

    Merged Cells
    Two Merged Cells in the example.

Types of Merge Cells options in Google Sheets

There are three other options available in Google sheets:

Merge Vertical

Merge Vertical lets you merge multiple columns. Merge Vertical is used when you have values in the first column and want to combine them with the second.

Vertical Merge
Merge multiple columns using Vertical Merge.

Merge Horizontal

Merge Horizontal lets you merge multiple rows. Merge Horizontal is used when you have values in the first row and want to combine them with the second.

Horizontal Merge
Merge multiple rows using Horizontal Merge.

Merge All

Merge All lets you merge all the selected cells and will give you a sizeable merged cell.

Merge All
Merge multiple cells using Multiple Cells.

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