How to Put PS5 in Safe Mode

PS5 Safe Mode is an important tool for diagnosing and solving console issues. If your PS5 is having problems, Safe Mode can help rebuild the storage database or factory reset the console.

Follow these steps to put your PS5 in Safe Mode:

  1. To start, you need to make sure your PS5 is closed. If the PS5 is turned on, press the PS button in your controller to bring up the dashboard.

    PS5 Dashboard
    PS5 Dashboard.

  2. Select Turn Off PS5 from the Power menu.

    Power Menu Options
    Select Turn Off PS5.

  3. On the PS5, press and hold down the Power Button. It will beep as soon as you press it.

    Power Button on PS5
    Press and hold the power button.

  4. Keep holding the button until you hear a second beep. Now remove your finger from it.
  5. The PS5 will boot up in Safe Mode. Connect the controller using a USB Type C cable.
    Connect a Controller
    Connect a controller.

    You can now navigate the PS5 Safe Mode menu.

    PS5 Safe Mode Menu
    PS5 Safe Mode Menu

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