How to Record Audio in Google Slides

How to Record Audio in Google Slides

Recording audio directly into Google Slides is not possible. However, you can record an audio file using third-party recording tools and import the downloaded audio file afterward. This guide will show you ways to record audio using third-party tools, and how to import the audio into Google Slides.

Recording your audio using third-party tools

There are many tools you can use to record audio. On Windows or Mac, there are free, open-source software such as Audacity. On Android or iPhone, you can search on Google Play or the App Store for free recording apps.

How to upload audio to Google Drive

  1. After creating your audio recording using a recording tool, you should upload it to Google Drive. You can do this by opening Google Drive and dragging the audio file into your Drive.
    Uploading an Audio File to Google Drive
    To upload the audio file, drag it to the “My Drive” folder of your Google Drive.

    Uploaded Audio File From Recording Tool
    Once the upload is successful, the audio file should now be ready to be inserted into your slide presentation.

How to import your recorded audio into Google Slides

After the file is uploaded to Google Drive, follow these steps to import the audio into Google Slides.

How to record audio online

Record Audio using ChromeMP3 (for Google Chrome users)

  1. Download the ChromeMP3 extension and install it on your Chrome browser. You might be asked to restart your browser.
    Downloading the ChromeMP3 Recorder Extension
    Download the ChromeMP3 Recorder extension from the Chrome Store.

    Note: This extension is only available on Chrome’s web version and is not compatible with the browser’s mobile version.

  2. After installing, the Chrome MP3 Recorder app should now be available on your Chrome’s list of apps. Click the app icon to open.

    ChromeMP3 Recorder App
    Click the ChromeMP3 Recorder’s app icon to launch it.

  3. Once it’s launched, click the record button (red circle icon) to begin recording.
Recording Audio using ChromeMP3 Recorder
Click the Record button (red dot icon) to start recording.
  1. You can pause the recording by clicking the Pause button. Click it again to Resume. When you’ve finished your recording, click the Stop button found next to the record icon.
  1. In the new window, you can select where you want the file to be saved. If you want to insert it in Google Slides, select the My Drive folder.
    Saving the Audio File in Google Drive
    Save the audio file in the “My Drive” folder in Google Drive to quickly insert it into Google Slides.

    Note: Your audio recording will be saved in an MP3 file format.

Record Audio using Online Voice Recorder

  1. Go to the Online Voice Recorder website.
  2. Click the Record button to start recording. Once your browser asks for permission to record audio, click Allow. You can also pause the recording session by clicking the Pause button, next to the Stop button. To resume, just click the button again.

    How to Record Audio in Online Voice Recorder
    Click the Record button to start recording.

  1. When you’ve finished recording, click the Stop button and select Save. The audio file will be saved directly to the Downloads folder on your computer.
    Stop an Audio Recording in Online Voice Recorder
    Click the Stop button to finish the audio recording.

    Saving an Audio Recording in Online Voice Recorder
    Click the Save button to save the audio file directly to your computer.

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