How to Record on Google Meet

How to Record on Google Meet

Google provides an in-house tool to record Google Meetings as a video. This is only available on computer, and it notifies all participants that a recording is taking place.

You will need a paid Google Workspace subscription to record meetings – you can also use a 14-day free trial.

You can also use third-party apps to record Google Meet on mobile or computer. However, bear in mind it is illegal to record someone without their consent in many parts of the world.

Things to keep in mind

  • The Google Workspace administrator must first enable the recording feature.
  • Google Meet notifies meeting participants when the recording starts and ends.
  • The recording includes both audio and video.
  • You need a Google Workspace subscription.
  • You can record the meeting for eight hours only. After that, the recording automatically stops.
  • All Google Workspace paid versions (except Business Starter edition) allow event recording.
  • You can record video calls using a computer only. You need to use a third-party app for mobiles.

Who can record a meeting in Google Meet

  • The meeting host or organizer.
  • Any participant using the same email domain as the meeting host.
  • Any participant the meeting host promotes as co-host.
  • Teachers, students, or co-teachers that use Google Meet.

What is recorded in a Google Meet session?

  • Active speakers.
  • Presentations or screen shares.
  • Chat conversations during the video presentation.

What is not recorded in a Google Meet Meeting

  • Notifications you receive on your device.
  • Live captions during the session recording.
  • Any window you open on your device during the recording.

Record a Google Meet on Computer

  1. Select the three vertical dots at the bottom of the Google Meet window to open more settings. Then click Record meeting.

    Open more settings
    Open more settings and click Record meeting.

  2. Select Start recording.

    Choose to start recording the meeting
    Click Start recording.

  3. In the pop-up, confirm you want to record the session by clicking Start.
    Confirm you want to start recording the meeting
    Confirm you want to start recording.

    Google Meet starts recording the meeting.

    Meeting is recording
    The recording of the meeting begins.

  4. After you complete recording the session, click Stop recording. Choose to stop recording the meetingChoose to stop recording the meeting.
  5. Google Meet notifies you it will save the recording in Google Drive.

    The meeting recording is saved in your Google Drive
    Google Meet saves the meeting recording in your Google Drive.

  6. Go to Google Drive to view the meeting recording.

    The Google Meet session recording
    The Google Meet session recording.

Recording Google Meet meetings using third-party apps

Currently, the Google Meet recording feature has limitations: you can only record meetings from a computer with the workspace admin’s approval.

On computer, you can use many free apps to capture your screen and audio. It’s essential to inform the meeting participants that you will be recording the meeting.

On Android or iPhone, there are many free screen recording apps you can also install and use.

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