How to Set Up a Roadmap on Trello

How to Set Up a Roadmap on Trello

Trello allows you to prepare an entire plan for any of your tasks and track the progress throughout. For example, a new product launch, a construction project, or even a personal goal like weight loss can be laid down as a roadmap on Trello.

A roadmap is a blueprint of your vision. It breaks down the entire process into steps and allows the team members to communicate on a centralized platform. Structure the roadmap as required, and add team members to relevant Trello boards and cards to get started immediately.

This guide shows you how to create an entire roadmap on Trello from scratch.

Setting Up a Trello Roadmap

To start with, it is important to understand the structure of Trello. The three main elements are the Board, Lists, and Cards.

Step 1: Create a Board

A Trello board is the main section where you can manage a workflow that requires constant organization and communication. For instance, you can create boards with client or project names and manage their tasks efficiently.

A Trello Workspace will be created automatically; you can rename it to your liking. Click Create new board. Enter a name for your board and set the visibility as required from the three options of Private, Workspace, or Public.

Trello Roadmap - Create new board
Create a new board under your Trello workspace.

You can also select from the templates available. Open the template that suits your purpose and choose Create board from template.

Trello Roadmap - Create board from template
Create a new board from the available templates.

Step 2: Create Lists

Once you have created a board, add lists to the empty Trello board. Lists are horizontal subdivisions of the Trello board, which help categorize different tasks. It can be conceptualized as stages of a workflow.

Trello Roadmap - Trello lists
Trello lists are horizontal subdivisions in a Trello board.

On the newly created Trello board, you will find three lists already created for you by default – To Do, Doing, and Done. You can use these or rename them by clicking on the name. Add more lists by clicking on Add another list.

Trello Roadmap - Add lists
Click on Add list.

Step 3: Add Cards

Trello cards are vertical subdivisions under a list.

Trello Roadmap - Trello template cards
Trello cards are vertical subdivisions in a Trello board.

Click Add a card under any list to create a Trello Card. Enter the Title and click Add card.

Trello Roadmap - Add a card
Click Add a card under the Trello list.

Each card can contain the details of independent tasks. Add the description, due date, checklists, and attachments to the Trello card. The team member responsible can be tagged in the comments section or the description box.

Trello Roadmap - Trello card template
This is what a Trello card looks like.

Example: A Roadmap For Weight Loss

  1. On your Trello workspace, pick any template (I’ve selected the Simple Project Board) for your weight loss Trello board or Create a new board.

    Trello Roadmap - Weight Loss - Create Board
    Create a new board.

  2. Create Trello lists – Motivation, To Do, Doing, and Done.

    Trello Roadmap - Weight Loss - Create Lists
    Create lists.

  3. Create Trello cards under each list, for example: Goals, Workout, Diet, Water Intake, Schedule & Consultation. Add card descriptions, attach files, and set due dates. You can customize each card by adding a cover image to make it more interesting.
    Trello Roadmap - Weight Loss - Create Cards
    Create cards.

    And there you have a complete weight loss roadmap on Trello.

    Trello Roadmap - Weight Loss Sample
    Weight Loss Roadmap.

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