How to Set Up Recurring Tasks in Trello

How to Set Up Recurring Tasks in Trello

Trello helps you keep track of all your tasks and complete them on time.

However, there are many routine tasks, professional and personal, that you find yourself regularly doing. For example, mundane tasks such as paying taxes or quarterly report submissions. It would be convenient if these tasks appear on the Trello board on their own when the time comes, recurringly.

Repeated tasks include everything from the original card – description, checklists, members, and more.

While Trello doesn’t natively have a feature that allows you to set up recurring tasks automatically, you can use the Card Repeater Power-Up to do this.

Note: Planyway is another Power-Up that allows users to set up recurring Trello cards. However, this feature is only available in the paid version.

Follow these steps to set up recurring tasks in Trello:

  1. Select the Trello board where you want to set up recurring tasks.

    Recurring Trello Tasks - Select Trello Board
    Select the Trello board.

  2. Click on Show menu on the right.

    Recurring Trello Tasks - Show Menu
    Click on Show menu.

  3. Select Power-Ups.

    Recurring Trello Tasks - Power Ups
    Click on Power-Ups.

  4. Search for Card Repeater on the Power-Ups store. Click Add.

    Recurring Trello Tasks - Add Card Repeater
    Search for, then add the Card Repeater Power-Up.

  5. Once installed, go back to your board. You will see a Repeats button on your Trello board.

    Recurring Trello Tasks - Repeats Button
    The Card Repeater Power Up is added.

  6. Open the Trello card you want to set to recurring. Then, click the Repeat button under the Power-Ups section.

    Recurring Trello Tasks - Trello Card Repeat Button
    Click on the Repeat button.

  7. The Repeat Power-Up allows you to schedule the recurring Trello card. Select the recurring frequency for the Trello card – Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly and the day and time you want the card to show up. Next, select the list under which the Trello card should appear and the position of the recurring Trello card – Top or Bottom. Then, click Save.
    Recurring Trello Tasks - Repeat Schedule
    Set a recurring schedule for the Trello card.

    There will be a Next Repeat date and time displayed on your card.

    Recurring Trello Tasks - Next Repeat
    Next Repeat (date and time) displayed on the Trello card.

    You now have a recurring Trello card. Carry out the same process for all the cards you want on repeat.

    Note: you can access all recurring Trello cards under the Repeats Power-Up option on your Trello board.

    Recurring Trello Tasks - Repeating cards
    All recurring Trello cards can be found under the Repeats Power-Up.

How to Stop a Recurring Trello Card

If you delete a recurring card or move it to another board, it will stop repeating the task.

There are three ways to stop a recurring Trello card:

Method #1: Cancel repetition from within the card

Open the Trello card and click on the date and time displayed as Next Repeat.

Recurring Trello Tasks - Remove repeat from within the Trello card
Click on the scheduled repeat date and time in the Trello card.

Click Remove at the bottom of the card to stop repeating it.

Recurring Trello Tasks - Remove
Click Remove to stop the card from recurring.

Method #2: Delete the original card

Deleting a Trello card will also remove the recurring feature:

  1. Right-click on the recurring Trello card and click Archive.

    Recurring Trello Tasks - Archive
    Archive the recurring Trello card.

  2. Click Show menu

    Recurring Trello Tasks - Show Menu to delete card
    Click Show menu.

  3. Click More.

    Recurring Trello Tasks - Show Menu - More
    Click on More.

  4. Go to Archived items.

    Recurring Trello Tasks - Archived items
    Go to Archived items.

  5. You will see a list of archived items. Click Delete below the recurring Trello card.

    Recurring Trello Tasks - Delete
    Delete the Trello card from the Archived list.

Method #3: Disable Card Repeater Power-Up

Click Power-Ups on your Trello board. Under the Repeats Power-Up, click on Settings.

Click Disable to turn off all your repeated cards on your Trello board. Any recurring tasks/cards will be turned off throughout the Trello board.

Recurring Trello Tasks - Card Repeater Power-Up Disable
Disable the Card Repeater Power-Up.

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