How to Share Your Live Location on Google Maps

How to Share Your Live Location on Google Maps

Google Maps allow you to share your live location with others. This allows them to track your location in real-time, which is helpful for meeting up or knowing that you’re on your way.

Follow these steps to share your live location on Google Maps using Android or iPhone.

  1. Make sure Location or GPS is switched on from your phone settings.

    Turning on location on a smartphone
    Turn on your smartphone location

  2. Launch Google Maps app.

    Google Maps app icon on a smartphone
    Launch Google Maps.

  3. Tap on your initials or profile picture on the top right.

    Profile picture or initials at top right of the screen
    Tap your profile picture or initials on the top right.

  4. Select Location sharing among the options.

    Location sharing among Google Maps options
    Select location sharing

  5. Select a contact you want to share your live location with it. Google Maps brings up various map-sharing options (you might have to click on More options to find all sharing options).You can share your location with phone contacts, email contacts, social media friends, and also friends on messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. You can also share your location on other mobile apps that allow you to do so.
    Various location sharing options
    Select a location-sharing option

    You will be asked to select the duration of time for which you want to share your location. Use the “-“ and “+” buttons (or the dropdown on iPhone) to decrease or increase the duration you wish to share your location for.  You can also share your location permanently until you turn off location sharing.

    Increase or decrease location sharing duration
    Use the – and + buttons to decrease or increase location sharing period

  6. Tap on Share after selecting a contact.
    Share button after selecting a contact
    Tap on the Share button

    A screen will ask you to confirm you want to share your location. Again, tap on Share to confirm.

    Final share confirmation
    Tap on share for the second time

    That’s it! Your live location is being shared on Google Maps with your chosen contact.

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