How to Sync Trello with Google Calendar

How to Sync Trello with Google Calendar

Viewing all your tasks and events in one place is important for effective time management. With Trello, syncing your boards with Google Calendar is a crucial step in organizing your schedule and, hopefully, help you avoid missing deadlines or confusing important tasks and meetings. There are two main ways to sync Trello with Google Calendar.

Sync Trello with Google Calendar With the Calendar Power-Up

Calendar Power-Up adds a simple calendar view to your Trello board. It’s one-way integration, though, which means only the changes made in the Trello board are reflected in Google Calendar and not vice versa.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Google Calendar is assumed to update and sync once or twice a day. Therefore, you won’t see Trello updates instantly on your Google Calendar.

To set up the Calendar Power-up, launch Trello and follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Boards under your workspace.
  2. Select the board you want to sync with Google Calendar. Next, click on Power-Ups on the Trello Board, then on Add Power-Ups.

    Add Power-Ups
    Click on Power-Ups, and then click Add Power-Ups.

  3. In the search field, search for “Calendar” then Add the Calendar Power-Up.

    Add the Calendar Power-Up
    Search for Calendar and Add the Calendar Power-Up to your Trello.

  4. Click the Calendar Power-Up button on your Trello board. It will open a calendar- you can choose a weekly or monthly view.

    Click on Calendar Power-Up
    Click on the Calendar Power-Up on your Trello Board.

  5. Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the calendar. It will provide you with an iCalendar Feed URL. Copy it.

    Click on Calendar Power-Up Settings
    Go to settings and copy the iCalender Feed URL.

  6. Open your Google Calendar in a new tab.
  7. Look for the option Other calendars on the left side of the screen. Then, click on the plus sign that reads Add other calendars.

    Google Calendar
    Add other calendars on Google calendar.

  8. Click on From URL from the list of options available.

    Add Other Calendars From URL
    Select the From URL option to add other calendars.

  9. Paste the copied iCalendar Feed URL in the blank given under the URL of calendar. Click Add Calendar.

    Paste the Trello iCalendar Feed URL
    Copy Paste the iCalendar URL from Trello in Google Calendar.

Your Trello board is now synced with Google Calendar.

In case you want to undo sync, there are two methods:

  1. Click on remove the calendar under the Other calendars section in Google Calendar, or
  2. Go to the Calendar Power-Up on your Trello board, click on the settings icon at the top, and select Disable sync.

Sync Trello with Google Calendar With the Planyway Power-Up

Planyway is another Trello Power-Up. Unlike Calendar Power-Up, Planyway offers two-way integration. Authorize and add your Google Calendar on Planyway, and you’re set to view all your significant to-dos, deadlines, and meetings on a single calendar.

Launch Trello on Windows and follow these steps to set up Planyway.

  1. Go to your Workspace and click on Boards. Next, go to the board which you want to sync. Click Power-Ups, then Add Power-Ups.
  2. Search for “Calendar” in the left search field, then click on Add under the Planyway Power-Up.

    Add the Planyway Power-Up
    Search for Calendar and Add the Planyway Power-Up to your Trello.

  3. Sign in to your Trello account.

    Planyway Sign in
    Sign in with your Trello account on Planyway.

  4. Answer a few questions like What’s your role, What’s your company size, and other questions.
    Planyway - Select Your Role & Company Size
    Answer these simple questions and get started.
  5. Next, click on Start working.

    Planyway - Start working
    Finish the short questionnaire and click Start working.

  6. Click on the Planyway button on your Trello board to see the calendar.
  7. Go to the Calendar tab and click Add Calendar.

    Planyway - Calendar tab - Add Calendar
    Add your Google Calendar from the Calendar tab on Planyway.

  8. Click on Connect Google calendar.
    Planyway - Connect Google Calendar
    Authorize and connect your Google account on Planyway.

    Your Trello and Google Calendar should now be in sync!

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