How to Turn On Flashlight on Android

How to Turn On Flashlight on Android

A flashlight on the back of your phone is way more convenient to use and carry than an actual flashlight. There are various ways to turn on the flashlight on your Android device. Below, we have mentioned four of the main methods.

Method #1: Use the Quick Settings Option

The quickest way of turning on the flashlight on Android is using the Quick settings menu.

  1. Swipe down from the top of your screen (from the status bar at the top). This will open the Quick settings menu.
  2. Locate the torch/flashlight icon and click on it to turn it on.

    Click on the flashlight icon in the Quick settings menu
    Click on the flashlight icon in the Quick settings menu 

  3. When you no longer need it, click on the icon again to turn it off. 

Method #2: Use Google Assistant

If you prefer voice commands, you can use Google Assistant to turn on the flashlight on Android. Follow these steps:

  1. Say “Hey Google” or “OK Google” to wake up Google Assistant.
  2. Next, say either “Turn on the flashlight” or “Turn on the torch”. Your flashlight will now turn on!
  3. To turn the flashlight off, say, “Hey Google, turn off the flashlight”.

    Enable or disable flashlight using the Google assistant
    Enable or disable the flashlight using Google Assistant.

Method #3: Create a new Action Block

You can create your own Google Assistant flashlight command, which allows you to launch the flashlight using a widget on your home screen. You need to create a new action block in Google’s Action Blocks accessibility app. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Play Store and search for the Action Blocks app.
  2. Click on Install and install the app.

    Click on the Install button
    Click on the Install button.

  3. Once the app is installed, launch it.
  4. Click on the I Agree button on the following screen. Then, select Create action block button.

    Create an action block
    Select Create action block.

  5. Expand the Do something for me section and choose Lights on from the list of options available.

    Choose the relevant action block
    Choose the relevant action block.

  6. Next, type Flashlight in the Action textbox and click Test action. Then, click Next.

    Test the action
    Type Flashlight on, then click Test action.

  7. Once the flashlight turns on, turn it off and close the screen.
  8. If the test completes successfully, click the Yes button.

    Click on the Yes button
    Click on the Yes button.

  9. Now, choose how you want to activate this action block. For example, if you want to enable the flashlight by giving a voice command, enable Speak action out loud.
    If you want the phone to vibrate when the action block is activated, enable the toggle for Vibrate.

    Choose how do you want to activate the action block
    Choose how you want to activate the action block

  10. Once done, click Next.
  11. Enter a name for this action block in the text field under Action Block name. Finally, click on Save action block to proceed. If you want the action block placed on your screen, select the Next button in the Add to Home screen dialog.

    Save the action block after naming it
    Save the action block after naming it.

  12. In the next window, tap and hold the action block icon.
    Touch and hold the action block
    Tap and hold the action block

    Then, drag it to your home screen to place it there. The image below shows how the action block will look on your home screen. After that, you can simply click on it to activate the flashlight.

    Flashlight action block placed on home screen
    Flashlight action block placed on the home screen.

Method #4: Shake your phone

A fun way to turn on your flashlight is by shaking the phone. For this, however, you will need to install an app such as Shake Flashlight

  1. Install Shake Flashlight – it’s free on the Google Play Store.

    Install Shake flashlight app
    Install Shake flashlight from the Play Store.

  2. Once the app is installed, launch it. Click Allow.

    Click on the Allow button
    Click Allow.

  3. Next, click Allow again to give the app camera access to launch the flashlight.

    That’s it! The flashlight will turn on automatically whenever you shake your phone. Shake your phone again to turn off the flashlight.
  4. If you want to further customize when the light opens, click on the Gear icon on the top-right.

    Click on the gear icon to launch Settings
    Click the gear icon.

  5. Choose Shake sensitivity and pick your preferred value.

    Adjust the shake sensitivity of the app
    Adjust the shake sensitivity of the app.

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