How to Undo and Redo in Word

How to Undo and Redo in Word

Undo is a ubiquitous function that’s used to reverse a recent change. This allows you to quickly undo your last action. Conversely, the Redo function restores any actions or commands that were undone. By default, Office saves the last 100 undoable actions.

How to Undo in Word

You can access the Undo function from the Quick Access toolbar. This is the toolbar found at the very top of your window.

To undo, click on the icon showing the left-pointing arrow. You can undo actions multiple times by clicking on the icon repeatedly.

Undo Icon
Click on the Undo icon.

You can also undo using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z on Windows (Command + Z on Mac). Note that if you hold this key combination, you will undo multiple changes faster.

To undo multiple changes at once:

  1. Click the downwards arrow which is to the right of the Undo icon. A list of your previously chosen commands appears.
  2. Move the mouse pointer to highlight all the commands you want to undo.

    Highlight all the commands that you want to undo
    Highlight all the commands that you want to undo.

How to Redo in Word

Redo is the opposite of Undo. i.e. it “redoes” an action you have undone. For example, if you deleted an item using undo and decided to bring it back, you can redo the action.

  1. In the Quick Access toolbar, click the Redo icon (the right-pointing arrow)

    Redo icon.
    Click on the Redo icon.

You can also redo using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Y on Windows (Command + Y on Mac).

Note: The Redo button is only available after you’ve undone something. If you haven’t recently used the undo function, the forward arrow is a repeat function. If you click it, whatever you did last (for example turning normal text bold) will be repeated again. If you have used the undo function, the button will change into the redo button.

Repeat icon in Word
Click on the Repeat icon to repeat an action or command.

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