How to Upgrade to Asana Premium

Asana is a popular project management application that offers a free version and a premium version. While the free version is ideal for small-sized teams, larger companies looking for more powerful features and support will likely be better off with Asana premium.

Listed below are the detailed steps to upgrade to Asana premium. Furthermore, we’ll describe the differences between the free and paid versions you should know before upgrading.

Note: Asana offers a Basic Plan, Premium Plan, Business Plan, and Enterprise Plan.

Upgrade to Asana Premium

  1. Launch Asana and select Home from the left panel.
  2. Click on the Upgrade button next to your user icon.

    Click on the Upgrade button
    Click on the Upgrade button
  3. The next screen should display all the Asana packages. Choose one according to your preferences.
    Note: you can sign up for a free trial by selecting the try for free button.

    Choose a plan
    Choose a plan
  4. Add your payment details in the next window. You can check your plan details by clicking on the Edit button.
  5. Finally, click on the Upgrade button. Once payment is successfully made, your account will upgrade to Premium.

    Enter your payment details
    Enter your payment details

Asana Free vs. Asana Premium

The free version of Asana is a valuable tool for managing projects for individuals and small businesses. You can use it to manage personal tasks, freelance jobs, and other projects of similar nature and scale. 

Using the free version, you can create and assign tasks, collaborate with up to 15 members, utilize several free projects, and integrate Asana with other applications like Trello and Slack.

However, the free version has one major drawback; you cannot work with a large team. Creating private projects and collaborating with other users is not possible in this version.

In contrast, Asana Premium comes with many features designed to help you manage a medium-sized team with greater efficiency. It allows you to organize your projects with a timeline and milestones, collect survey information from your team, and search with advanced features. Your requests will also always be prioritized by the Asana Support team as a premium user.

Generally, if you manage a medium-sized team with complex projects, upgrading to premium is a good idea.

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