How to Use the Vacation Indicator in Asana (Out of Office)

Stressing out while trying to handle all the messages and emails that build up during the course of a vacation is nothing new. We all love to enjoy our ‘me time’ without being disturbed and thanks to Asana’s Vacation indicator feature, you can now notify your teammates about your unavailability. 

Let’s see what this feature exactly is and how you can make the most out of it!

What is the Vacation Indicator

Asana lets you set your away status, which indicates that you’re unavailable. You can prepare for your vacation ahead of time by selecting the first day you will be away, and indicating the return date. Moreover, when you have enabled this feature, your return date will appear next to your name when someone mentions you, assigns you a task, or reads a comment you have made. 

As soon as you set your Vacation Indicator, the outline around your profile photo will appear light orange and dimmed. If anyone hovers over your profile photo, your away status will also appear.

Set Yourself As Away

  1. Launch Asana.
  2. On the top bar, click your avatar, then select My Settings from the context menu.

    Access your account settings in Asana
    Access your account settings in Asana
  3. Update your About me section. You can include who to contact while you are away or any other information about the time you will be gone. Just make sure you update this upon your return.
  4. Then, turn on the toggle for Show me as away. This is the Vacation indicator.

    Enable Vacation indicator
    Enable Vacation indicator
  5. Then, click Save changes to update your profile.

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