How to Use your PS5 Without a Controller

Did your PS5 controller die on you, or perhaps you want to use your PS5 for watching content or listening to music? Regardless of the reasons why you would want to use your PS5 without a controller, there are several methods to do this.

Apart from the Keyboard and Mouse method, all methods mentioned require a PS5/PS4 controller for the initial setup. However, once the initial setup is complete, you can control your PS5 without a controller.

Control your PS5 using a TV remote

The HDMI linking features are only available on certain modern TVs. Some older TVs or monitors won’t support these features.

This feature is great for watching movies from your PS5, as you’ll be able to control the PS5 with just your TV remote. However, playing a video game using the remote might be difficult!

  1. Turn on the PS5 and log in to your account.
  2. Locate the Settings gear icon on the top-right of the interface

    Select the Settings Gear
    Select the Settings Gear on the Top Right Side of the Screen

  3. Once inside settings, navigate to System

    Select System in Settings
    Select System in Settings

  4. Next, go to HDMI settings

    Changing HDMI settings
    Change HDMI settings on the PS5

  5. Turn on HDMI Device Link, this feature allows your TV to communicate with the PS5. Then, toggle on Enable One-Touch Play and Enable Power Off Link. One-Touch Play enables the PS5 to turn on when you turn on your TV and vice versa. Power Off Link turns off (puts it into sleep mode) the PS5 when you turn off the TV

    Enabling Power off Link
    Turn on all available HDMI options on PS5

  6. Now you can use your TV remote to navigate the PS5 interface!

    Controlling PS5 with a Samsung Remote
    Control the PS5 with a standard TV Remote (Using a Samsung remote in this instance)

Control your PS5 using a keyboard and mouse

The PS5 supports most USB keyboards and mice by default. This includes wired, wireless, and Bluetooth-enabled devices. Only older PS2 (Personal System 2, not to be confused with PlayStation 2) Keyboards and mice are not supported.

In a recent FAQ session, senior director Sid Shuman of Sony Interactive Entertainment stated, “Yes, USB and Bluetooth keyboards and mice are supported at a system level, though game developers will decide whether to support them at a game level”

So there is a high chance your input devices will work perfectly with the console.

Connection via USB

  1. Turn on your PS5
  2. Get a USB keyboard and mouse
  3. Plug the USB of the mouse or keyboard into one of the USB ports on the PS5.
    PS5 USB port
    The USB port at the front of the PS5

    Note: There is only one USB port at the front while the back has an additional 2

    Plugging in the mouse
    Plug in the mouse or keyboard on the PS5 via the USB port

    If you don’t have enough free USB ports, you can also connect a USB hub to the PS5 and connect through that.

    USB Hub
    A USB 3.0 hub that works well with the PS5

  4. Once plugged in, the keyboard and mouse will be automatically detected by the PS5

    Mouse connected
    Mouse icon showing up in the notification

  5. You can now use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate the menus and start a game.
    Note: Many games like Call of Duty and Fortnite support keyboard and mouse inputs, so you will be able to get the full gaming experience.
  6. To change the Keyboard settings, navigate to Settings > Accessories > Keyboard

    Keyboard Settings
    Available Keyboard Settings on the PS5

  7. To change the Mouse settings, go to Settings > Accessories > Mouse

    Mouse settings
    Change Mouse Settings on the PS5 including Pointer Speed

  8. To disconnect, simply unplug the USB from the port

    Mouse Disconnected
    Unplug the USB to disconnect the mouse or keyboard

Connect Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

The PS5 also supports Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

  1. Navigate to Settings > Accessories
    Accessories settings
    Accessories settings on the PS5
  2. Select Bluetooth Accessories

    Bluetooth accessories
    Change Bluetooth’s accessories settings on the PS5

  3. Put your Keyboard or mouse into pairing mode. The PS5 will detect the accessories and connect.

    Bluetooth accessories setting
    Bluetooth’s accessories setting and pairing screen

Control your PS5 using your Phone

To use Remote App features, you’ll need to enable a few features available in the Rest Mode on the PS5

Turn on Rest Mode Features

The PS5 will only turn on when it’s left in the Rest Mode. Rest mode is located on the Power Menu that can be accessed from the PS5 dashboard.

Access Rest Mode Option from Dashboard
Access Rest Mode Option from Dashboard

Before putting your PS5 into Rest Mode, there’s a few features you need to enable in settings:

  1. On the PS5, go to Settings

    Select the Settings Gear
    Select the Settings Gear on the Top Right Side of the Screen

  2. Then select System

    Select System in Settings
    Select System in Settings

  3. After that Power Saving

    Select Power Saving Options in settings
    Select Power Saving Options in settings

  4. Followed by Features Available in Rest Mode

    Select Features Available in Rest Mode
    Select Features Available in Rest Mode

  5. Toggle on Stay Connected to the Internet, Enable Turning on PS5 from Network, and Enable Turning on PS5 from Spotify

    Turn all these Options on
    Turn on all Features Available in Rest Mode 

Using the Remote Play App

    1. Download the PlayStation Remote Play App for Android or iOS

      PS remote play app on Android
      Installing the PS Remote Play app from Google Play Store

    2. On your PS5 and navigate to Settings > System > Remote Play. Then, turn on Enable Remote Play.

      Enabling Remote Play On PS5 settings
      Enabling Remote Play On PS5 settings

    3. On the Phone start the Remote Play App and sign in to your PSN ID. Note: Make sure you sign in with the same account on both PS5 and phone
    4. Select PS5. The app will search for the console to connect automatically

      Selecting PS5 to connect to on phone
      Selecting PS5 to connect to on PS Remote Play App

    5. Your PS5 will turn on and connect with your smartphone

      Pairing up with the console using remote play
      First time pairing can take several minutes, don’t close the app during the process

    6. After the connection, the PS5 main screen will show up on your phone

      PlayStation 5 Main Interface Displayed On Phone
      PlayStation 5 Main Interface Displayed On Phone

    7. Use the virtual controller to navigate the interface to play a game, manage downloads or turn off the console

      Game Landing Page being Displayed on the Phone
      Game Landing Page being Displayed on the Phone

Method 4: PS5 Media Remote

This method requires you to have a PS5 Media Remote. You can purchase it directly from Sony (or a retail store you prefer). The Media Remote allows you to easily navigate the PS5 interface using arrow keys. It also comes with dedicated media buttons allowing you better control over playing videos. The remote also features an IR blaster that can control the volume and power settings of the TV.

The PS5 media remote
The PS5 Media Remote
  1. On your PS5, navigate to Settings > Accessories > Media Remote. Select the Setup Media Remote option
    Media remote settings
    Media remote settings on PS5

    Media remote setup
    Media remote setup

  2. Your PS5 will automatically scan for the remote automatically.

    Scanning for media remote
    Scanning for media remote on PS

  3. Once connected, you can use the remote to control your PS5

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