How to Zoom In and Out in Google Slides

Zoom in and out of Google Slides using your mouse or keyboard.

How to Zoom In and Out in Google Slides

Using Zoom in Google Slides allows you to pay closer attention to the more minor design details and look at an “overview” of your presentation. This guide shows you how to zoom in and out on a slide.

Using the Zoom button

  1. You can find the Zoom button on the toolbar next to the Select and Paint Format buttons. It is a magnifying glass icon with a plus in the middle.

    Zoom Button in Google Slides
    Zoom button in the Google Slides toolbar.

  2. By clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the zoom icon, you’ll see options to Zoom in or Zoom out. You can also use preset zoom levels for your slide.

    Zoom Button Options
    Dropdown options of the Zoom button.

  3. Clicking on the Zoom button, then on any part of the slide, will zoom into where you click. The zoom button only allows you to zoom in and not out.

    Using the Zoom Button
    Click the zoom button, then on any part of the slide to zoom in.

  4. To return to the original view, select the dropdown arrow and choose Fit. Or press Command + Option + [ on Mac or CTRL + Alt + [ on Windows.
    Fit or Original View in Google Slides
    Select Fit to return to the default view.

    Fit View in Google Slides
    Default view of the slide.

Using the View Menu

  1. Navigate to the slide where you want to zoom in and out. Select the View menu from the menu bar and choose Zoom from the options. Select Zoom In or Zoom Out, depending on the perspective you want in the current slide. There are also fixed zoom options: 50%, 100%, and 200%.
    Zoom In and Zoom Out in Google Slides
    Navigate to View > Zoom and choose from Zoom In and Zoom Out.

    Alternatively, you can use these keyboard shortcuts:

    Zoom in: Command + Option + Plus key on Mac or CTRL + Alt + Plus key on Windows.
    Zoom out: Command + Option + Minus Key on Mac or CTRL + Alt + Minus key on Windows.

    Zoomed-in Slide in Google Slides
    Zoomed-in version of the slide.

    Zoomed-out Slide in Google Slides
    Zoomed-out version of the slide.

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