How to Zoom In or Out – Google Sheets

How to Zoom In or Out in Google Sheets

When you work in Google Sheets, you might want to zoom in to take a closer look at a data set or zoom out for an overview of your worksheet. Zooming in and out in Google Sheets is slightly different from its counterpart Microsoft Excel. This guide shows you the main ways to zoom in or out on Google Sheets.

Note: we are using Google Chrome for the examples shown below. Instructions can vary slightly depending on your browser.

Using Browser Settings

This is the easiest way to change the Zoom size.

  1. Click on the vertical three dots (⋮) button on the top right corner of your browser.

    Three Dot Button
    Click on the three-dotted vertical ellipsis button.

  2. Locate the zoom option.

    Zoom option
    Go to the zoom option.

  3. Press + sign to zoom in and  to zoom out.

    Plus or Minus
    Toggle the plus or minus button to zoom in or out, respectively.

Using Google Sheets Zoom Option

You can quickly zoom in or out using the Zoom Tool available on the Top Menu bar.

  1. From the toolbar, select the Zoom dropdown.

    Toolbar Zoom Option
    Click on the Zoom dropdown from the toolbar.

  2. From the dropdown, choose the perfect zoom you want. Above 100% zooms in, while below 100% zoom out.

    Zoom Percent
    Toggle between the zoom percentages.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

You can Zoom in or out using simple shortcuts.

  1. To zoom in: Press Ctrl and + on Windows (Cmd and + on Mac).
  2. To zoom out: Press Ctrl and on Windows (Cmd and on Mac).

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