Keyboard Shortcuts in Trello

Trello - Keyboard Shortcuts

Managing Trello boards and cards can be time-consuming. It takes a lot of effort to organize and create an efficient workflow. Working on Trello gets much easier with keyboard shortcuts.

In this guide, we will show you shortcuts that will help you navigate through Trello, as well as shortcuts specifically for Trello cards.

Shortcuts for navigating Trello

These shortcuts allow you to easily navigate through Trello:

  • Left and right arrows: navigates to the adjacent cards.
  • Up and down arrows or J and K: navigate to the card above or below.
  • Angle brackets “< >”: moves Trello cards to the adjacent lists.
  • Open square bracket “[“: expands and collapses the left sidebar or the navigation menu.
  • Closed square bracket “]” or W: opens and closes the right sidebar or the board menu.
  • Slash “/”: searches anything on Trello.
  • Enter: opens a Trello card.
  • Esc: closes an open card or cancels the current edits and comments you’re writing.
  • B: finds Trello boards by name.
  • F: search cards, members, labels, and more.
  • Q: shows the assigned number of cards under a list.
  • Hold shift and scroll: move sideways on the Trello board.
  • Comma “,”: moves a card to the bottom left list.
  • Full stop “.”: moves a card to the bottom right list.

Editing Shortcuts for Trello Cards

The following shortcuts are used to edit Trello cards:

  • N: creates a new Trello card.
  • E: edits the Trello card.
  • C: archives the Trello card.
  • M: adds members to a Trello card.
  • D: adds the due date to a card.
  • S: tracks a card’s activity.
  • T: edits the title of the Trello card.
  • L: opens the label pop-up and allow you to label colors to a Trello card.
  • Numbers 0 to 9: add and remove label colors.
  • V: adds and removes your voting right on a card (If the Voting Power-Up is added)
  • Semicolon “;”: shows and hides label names on the Trello board.
  • Hash “#” + any number: adds the specific label color to the new Trello card.
  • At sign “@”: autocompletes member names in a comment or while assigning a member to a Trello card.
  • Dash “-“: adds a checklist to your Trello card.
  • Caret sign “^”+”top” or “bottom”: autocompletes the positioning of a new Trello card in the list.
  • Space: self-assigns and un-assign yourself a Trello card.
  • Ctrl + Enter: saves the edits on the card title, comments, description, or anything else.
  • Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V: copies and pastes the Trello card (works between boards).
  • Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V: moves the copied Trello card (works between boards).
  • Ctrl + V: attaches a link to the card.
  • Ctrl + Z: undo the last action.
  • Shift + Z: repeats the last action.
  • R: redo the action from another Trello card.
  • Question mark “?”: shows the list of keyboard shortcuts on Trello.

With these keyboard shortcuts, breeze your way through all the Trello work and save time.

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