What is Share Focus Status and How to Use It on iPhone?

Focus is an iOS feature introduced in September 2021 to help reduce distractions. You can choose from a list of pre-installed Focus profiles or create a custom one to silence specific notifications and apps.

When you turn on Share Focus Status, iOS users who send you a text on iMessage can see that you have silenced your notifications and can’t see their texts or calls. However, they can still choose to contact you even after being told you’re unavailable by using an option called “Notify Anyway.” This is useful in case of an emergency.

Currently, your Focus status can only be shared on iMessage with other iOS users. It doesn’t work with WhatsApp or other messaging apps.

Note: Focus only works on iOS 15 and above, which means you need an iPhone 6S or later to use this feature.

How to Share Your Focus Status on the iPhone

  1. Tap Settings.

    Settings App on the iPhone
    Tap Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Focus.

    Focus Settings on the iPhone
    Tap Focus.
  3. Tap on any Focus profile.

    Pre-Installed Focus Modes on the iPhone
    Tap on any Focus mode.
  4. Tap Focus Status.

    Enabling Focus Status on the iPhone
    Tap Focus Status.
  5. Turn on the toggle next to Share Focus Status. Whenever someone sends you a message when you have Share Focus Status turned on, they’ll be notified that you have your notifications silenced.

    Turning On the Option to Share Focus Status with Contacts
    Turn on Share Focus Status.

Note: Share Focus Status is turned on by default, even for customized profiles, but you can check other Focus modes to see whether their status is turned on or off.

Sharing Focus Status with Specific Contacts

If you don’t want all of your contacts to know that you have your notifications silenced, you can enable Share Focus Status for specific contacts. This method only works on iMessage, and the person you’re texting must be an iOS user.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap Messages.

    Messages App on the iPhone
    Tap Messages.
  2. Tap the contact who you want to notify about your Focus status.

    Selecting a Contact in iMessage
    Choose a contact you want to share your Focus status with.
  3. Tap the contact’s icon or name at the top.

    Opening the Details of the Contact on iMessage
    Tap the icon or name.
  4. Tap Share Focus Status to turn it on.

    Turning On Share Focus Status with a Specific Contact
    Enable Share Focus Status.

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