How to Clear Cache on Mac

How To Clear Cache on Mac

Cache acts as a temporary data store for frequently used data on websites or apps. This cache, however, can slow down your device if it gets large. That’s why it is recommended that you clear your Mac cache frequently. Additionally, doing so can help clear up issues or bugs. This guide shows you how to clear cache on a Mac running macOS Monterey 12.0.1.

  1. Open the Finder app from your Dock.

    Finder app on macOS dock
    Open the Finder app located on your macOS Dock

  2. With the Finder app open, look for the Go option in the top menu bar.

    Go option in the Finder app's menu bar
    Look for the Go option in the Finder app’s menu bar, which you can find in the top left corner of the screen

  3. Click on Go and then select Go to Folder at the bottom of the options list.

    Go To option stemming from the options list for the Go option when you select the macOS Finder app
    Click on Go and then select Go to Folder at the bottom of the options list.

  4. A form will appear that allows you to search for a specific folder name. We want to navigate to our Cache folder, so in that form input, type ~/Library/Caches and press Enter.

    Go To form input in the Finder app
    In the form input that appears, type ~/Library/Caches and press enter.

  5. This will take you to your Mac’s cache folder containing temporary files stored by apps. Every application will store its cache in this folder, including web browsers such as Safari.It’s usually safe to delete all folders within the main cache folder to clear all your cache. However, if you want to delete the cache of a particular app, you can delete the folder corresponding to the specific app within the cache folder.Note: some apps might have a “com.” extension at the beginning of the name.
    macOS cache folder in Finder app
    The cache folder contains all the caches stored by your computer’s applications.

    For example, if you want to delete the cache stored by Google’s apps, such as Google Chrome or Gmail, you can delete the Google folder located in the primary cache folder.

    Google cache folder on macOS
    You can delete Google’s cache by deleting the Google folder from the cache folder.

How to clear Safari cache on Mac

If Safari is running slower than usual, it might be time to clear your browser cache. You can do this by deleting the “Safari” folder from your Mac’s cache folder using the method above. However, as a browser, Safari also allows you to delete its cache internally. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Safari app from your Dock.

    Safari in macOS dock
    Click on the Safari icon located in your macOS Dock

  2. Go to the top menu bar with Safari open and click on the Safari option.

    Safari option in the Safari app's menu bar
    Click on the Safari option next to the Apple logo on Safari’s menu bar

  3. Select Preferences from the drop-down list of options that appears.

    Preferences option that appears from the drop-down list from the Safari's menu bar
    Click on the Preferences option in the options list from Safari’s menu bar.

  4. In the dialogue box that appears, select the Advanced tab.

    The Preferences dialogue box in Safari's Preferences option
    Click on the Advanced tab in the Safari’s Preferences

  5. Navigate to the bottom of the dialogue box and check the Show Develop menu in menu bar option.

    The Show Develop menu in menu bar option in the Advanced tab of Safari's Preferences box
    Check the Show Develop menu in menu bar in the Advanced tab of Safari’s Preferences. 

  6. Close the Preferences box. A Develop option will now appear in Safari’s menu bar.

    The Develop option in Safari's menu bar
    The Develop option will appear in Safari’s menu bar

  7. Click on the Develop option and select Empty Caches from the options list. This will clear all caches stored by the Safari browser.

    Empty Caches option in the Develop drop-down options list in Safari's menu bar
    Click on Empty Caches from the drop-down list in Safari’s Develop options.

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