How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

If you’re switching from an Android device to an iPhone, it can be daunting to think you must manually move every file, app, or photo. To save you the hassle, Apple introduced the Move to iOS app to make transferring data from Android to iPhone easier.

Move to iOS is Apple’s solution for safely transferring data such as music, web bookmarks, videos, photos, contacts, and calendars from an Android device to iPhone.

Prepare Your Devices

Before moving any of your data,  you need to prepare your Android and iPhone devices for the transfer:

  • Ensure the Wi-FI is connected on both devices. You should also turn off any apps or change settings that affect your Android device’s WI-FI connection.
  • Make sure both devices are charged. Over 50% or more is sufficient.
  • Back up your Android device with the data you want to transfer.
  • Ensure you have enough space on your iPhone to store all the data from your Android device.

Transfer Data from Android to iPhone using Move to iOS

While you can use many other apps for this task, Move to iOS is a dedicated app to move data from your Android to your iPhone with minor risks.

Move to iOS

Note: To use the Move to iOS app, you need to be setting up your iPhone for the first time. If you bought your iPhone and already set it up, you need to factory reset your iPhone first.

Factory resetting erases all the content and settings from your iPhone. Therefore, Back up your iPhone to prevent losing your personal information during the factory reset.

After the factory reset, your iPhone will require a new setup. This setup is when you can transfer all apps and data from your Android to your iPhone device.

Step 1: Back up data on your Android device

Ensure that the information you want to transfer to your iPhone is backed up on your Android device. On your Android, go to the Settings app > Additional Settings > Back-Up & Reset > Back up My Data. Doing this will back up all your data to your Google account.

Step 2: Download Move to iOS on Android

After completing the backup on your Android, download the Move to iOS app from the Play Store. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Playstore app on your Android and search for “Move to iOS”. Alternatively, go to the Move to iOS page directly using this link:
    Go to Play Store
    Go to Play Store
  2. Select Install.

    Tap Install
    Tap Install

  3. Tap Open to start using the app.

    Tap Open
    Tap Open


Start your iPhone setup

  1. A screen with Apps & Data will appear during the setup. Here you can choose how you want to transfer data to your new iPhone. The options include restoring data from your iCloud Backup, your Mac, transferring from another iPhone, or moving data from your Android device.

    Apps and Data
    Apps and Data

  2. Tap Move Data from Android to transfer data from an Android device to your iPhone using Move to iOS.

    Move data from Android

Using Move to IOS

  1. Open the Move to iOS app that you installed on your Android.

    Open Move to iOS app
    Open Move to iOS app

  2. Tap Continue to allow the app to copy data, including messages, images, videos, contacts, and files, in preparation for the transfer to your iPhone.

    Tap Continue on the app
    Tap Continue on the app.

  3. Wait for a ten or six-digit code that will be displayed on your iPhone. Enter it into your Android device, then tap Continue.

    Tap Continue
    Tap Continue

  4. Enter the one-time code on your Android device.

    Enter one-time code on your Android
    Enter a one-time code on your Android

  5. Now, wait for the transfer data screen to appear and select the content you want to transfer to your iPhone.After the transfer is complete, follow the onscreen prompts on your iPhone to complete the setup.Note: If you want access to the same apps you used on your Android device, you first must download them from the Apple Store and then sign in to your existing accounts.

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